Our Work


Our playbook includes three simple strategies:

We build better places for bikes.

Through our PlacesForBikes program we help communities quickly build better places to ride of all types. Our Community Grants Program provides financial support for some of these projects. Our Bicycle Network Analysis tool helps cities and towns identify and correct weak spots in their bike networks. Our first City Ratings program and our acclaimed PlacesForBikes Conference clearly show city leaders where their communities stand on bicycling, and help them improve quickly.


We unify people to support + ride those great places.

We work with federal, state and local leaders to advance bike project funding and pro-bike laws. We’re on a campaign to pass progressive e-bike laws in every state. We’re partnering for better bikeshare programs. We monitor all 50 state legislatures and support the work of state and local advocacy groups. We develop Congressional champions. Our business members and individual backers speak up for bike riding in communities nationwide. As a result, government agencies have invested nearly $20 billion to build thousands of miles of new U.S. lanes, paths and trails in the last 20 years.


We make the case.

We explain how people and places benefit from safe, accessible, convenient and fun bike rides. We research, measure and quantify the many positive outcomes of bicycling. We share best practices and success stories, and gather industry members at DRAFT meetups around the country.

When PeopleForBikes is successful, you enjoy good bike riding experiences and great things follow. People become healthier and happier, communities become better places to live, mobility improves, jobs are created and sustained, and businesses thrive. Everyone wins!



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