14 ways to make bike lanes better (the infographic)

May 15, 2014


Modern bike lanes call for modern reference guides.

With so many different methods being used to physically separate bike and auto traffic, the tradeoffs can seem countless. That’s where this infographic comes in. One part inspiration and two parts catalog, it’s intended for anyone who wants to quickly get up to speed on the most popular tricks being used by cities around the world to improve bike lanes.

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It’s based primarily on research by Austin engineer Nathan Wilkes, whose work on this issue we published in March in the form of a less web-friendly (but much more detailed) spreadsheet.

Some details  to keep in mind: first, there’s judgment wiggle room in a lot of these ratings, especially the one for aesthetics. Your mileage may vary, in large part based on what a street looks like. Also, the cost figures include various assumptions. You can learn more about each by downloading Wilkes’s full spreadsheet and clicking the “cost estimates” tab. You can also download a print-quality PDF of this infographic and hang it to your cubicle wall. As cities everywhere prepare to install more of these, would there be any better way to proclaim the nature of your infrastructural nerdiness? We submit to you that there is not.

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