7 inspiring biking stories

December 12, 2013

Through our Community Grants Program, we work with communities big, small, urban and rural to make biking better. Here are seven inspiring stories about stellar bicycling projects and the local groups that initiated them?all recipients of PeopleForBikes grants. Get inspired and see how you can make a difference yourself!

1) Philadelphia, PA — Empowering women through bicycling

Philly’s Kristin Gavin started Gearing Up to help women in transition from abuse, addiction, and/or incarceration develop resilience, independence, and physical and emotional health through bicycling. The participants are inspiring?and so are the results.

2) Boone, NC — Trails closer to home

Although the small town of Boone is emerging as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts, mountain bikers previously had to drive outside of the county to access legal singletrack trails. A $5,000 grant from PeopleForBikes helped locals build Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park so residents could get their fat tire fix without leaving town.

3) Los Angeles, CA — 100,000 flock to the streets (without cars)

LA’s reputation as a city for driving didn’t stop the founders of CicLAvia from introducing an open streets day?where roads are opened to people walking, riding, dancing, and otherwise moving without motors?in 2010. With three events in 2013, organizers are now hoping to make it a monthly celebration.

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4) Moab, UT — A safer ride to singletrack

In order to reach the national parks and famous singletrack trails just outside of this desert town, residents and visitors had to endure a scary ride along a busy highway. This beautiful bridge over the Colorado River is one part of a new paved bike path that gives riders a safer and more pleasant way to see the area’s stunning red rock landscape.

5) Columbia, SC — Connecting this Southern city

The Vista Greenway runs through the heart of Columbia?including a 100-year-old railroad tunnel?offering a scenic way to bike through what was once a high-stress corridor.

6) Hoboken, NJ — Bike parking gets a boost

The City of Hoboken is making the most of a local restriction on car parking next to street corners by installing bicycle corrals in these unused spaces. Downtown businesses can join the program by agreeing to maintain the bike parking area in exchange for a corral nearby. A $5,000 grant from PeopleForBikes funded a pilot program of three corrals.

7) Atlanta, GA — Building the missing link

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition joined forces with the City of Atlanta, the Midtown Alliance, and Georgia Tech to design, fund, and build an innovative connection between two existing bike lanes. This makes it easier and safer to ride to the university and around Midtown Atlanta.

You can help us put more of these transformational projects on the ground by making a tax-deductible donation to PeopleForBikes today. Give $25 or more and we’ll send you a handy bottle opener to say thanks! Click here to donate today and make our nation a better place to ride!

To read more about these grants and others, visit our Get Local Map.

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