July 11, 2014

by Rachel Walker

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Pity the poor bike advocate, the unsung hero of better bike lanes. His cohorts?fedora-wearing hipsters on fixies, spandex-clad cyclists out for their daily 50 and the cute guy on a cruiser headed to the farmers? market?don’t just reap the benefits of his hard work (i.e. riding on designated bike paths and enjoying a bike infrastructure that would be impossible without said advocate’s tireless effort). They are lauded by the most popular Internet dating service in the world as the best folks to date.

It’s hard to disagree with eHarmony on their reasons to date a bike rider. Yes, they’re fit, happy, healthy and organized. Most are driven by an environmental ethos and they’re more than happy to help you score a bike and start riding. We agree?they’re great!

But you know who is also completely awesome? Bike advocates. These people don’t just ride bikes, they love them. And they want to spread the love. Which is why they work long hours, often for low pay, to make biking more accessible and safer to people everywhere. Here’s why you should consider dating one of these catches.

1.     They?re thorough. Advocates pore over federal legislation that allocates millions of dollars for roads and highway building and maintenance, looking for funding for their projects. This requires a superhuman level of patience.

2.     They?re visionaries. Where you might see a weed-choked shoulder on the side of a frost-heaved road, they see a bike path connecting a mountain town to one of the nation’s wildest national parks (we’re looking at you, Jackson Hole, and the path to Grand Teton National Park). A relationship with someone who sees potential in everything is guaranteed to flourish.

Image: Flickr

3.     They?re optimists. Despite hearing ?no? significantly more times than they hear ?yes,? advocates have faith that their arguments will eventually persuade those in charge to back their projects.

4.     They?re persuasive. Advocates learned a long time ago that you ?catch more flies with honey than vinegar.? They don’t want to fight. They just want to get their way. So they will formulate a persuasive, coherent story that underscores the absolute importance of their work. This is a lovely quality in a partner, especially for those of us who sometimes shy away from new experiences and need a little push.

5.     They know when to take a break. Advocating for anything requires a lot of energy. Good advocates understand the importance of recharging, which means that you?re bound for some really fun, completely unplugged vacations.

6.     Bike advocates are good people. They love bikes. Bikes bring joy to the world?whether you?re a preschooler pedaling for the first time, a mountain biking champ or a commuter getting your zen on while others sit trapped in cars. Advocates understand this and want to share bikes with everyone.

Image: Flickr

7.     They?re effective. We all want to matter?in our relationships, our jobs and our life. Bike advocates see the manifestation of their labor in tangible paths, traffic lights and bike racks.

8.     They?re satisfied. Maybe not always, or at least not with the big picture (there’s always more work to be done!), but generally speaking, bike advocates are happy with their choices. This satisfaction enhances relationships.

9.     They practice what they preach. It’s hard to find a bike advocate who doesn’t bike. This kind of reliability and transparency is priceless in a relationship.

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