Discovering biking in the Green Mountains

September 13, 2013

The crowd beginning to gather to watch the racers make their way up the climb at the Green Mountain Stage Race.

As we’ve been on the road for a little while, we’ve found ourselves in some pretty amazing places and have met some pretty awesome people, which has fueled our bike-motivated adventure.

One of the wonderful things about traveling on behalf of bikes is the instant positive response we’ve received from fellow bike-enthusiasts. We have yet to visit a town or a city without being welcomed by the biking community. We always pick up great suggestions for local eats, activities, and adventures. Although we love to lean on Google Maps for navigating, it’s little help when it comes to finding the crazy adventures and culture of a city. We’ve gotten to the point that we can actually start passing on the recommendations to others we find that are traveling to share the love.

First place finisher climbing the App Gap through the chalk.

We were recently staying at a small inn in Vermont for the Green Mountain Stage Race. Not only was the racing top-notch, but we also had a chance to catch a ride with some of the fellow race supporters. The ride started out at about 5:30pm, so it gave us plenty of time to get some miles in before the sun started to set. We rode out of town and headed toward the time trial course, taking it much slower than the pros, of course. There was plenty of climbing, but just as we were getting worn out we made it to the top of a beautiful pass that highlighted the Vermont farmland and mountains. No matter how many little-ring-jaunts it took to get there, the view was completely worth it. The view rejuvenated us to finish the rest of the ride, and we headed back to our starting spot. Turns out the ride was just an ice breaker, because the group reconvened at a local restaurant for a few beers and great conversation.

The next day for the crit race we saw racers, their families, friends, and pets make it out to the race. We know cycling has a big following, but it’s always a surprise how much support there is for the riders: supporters making it to every stage of the race including the grueling Appalachian Gap.

The racing was fantastic as was the biking community in Vermont, we’ll have to find an excuse to get back there soon!

A few of the supporters who joined on the fun ride around the time trial course.

Chalking on the climb.

Downtown Burlington for the crit race.

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