April 29, 2013

Movability Austin
Movability Austin will use their grant to conduct research examining how downtown businesses view bicycling as a mode of transportation, their barriers to supporting bicycling and what factors they care about during design and construction of bicycle facilities. Utilizing the results, the organization will work with a project advisory team made up of local leaders to address business concerns and forge strategies on how to partner with the business community on bicycling issues. 

Chicago, IL, Active Transportation Alliance
The Green Lane Project grant will be used to bolster the newly-launched Bike Friendly Business program, which seeks to build support for bicycling and green lanes among businesses and to develop new partnerships with business owners and managers. In addition to promoting the business community’s support for bicycling, the Active Transportation Alliance will recruit business champions to take a more visible role by signing and posting petitions, writing letters to the editor and connecting with other businesses around this issue. The local REI will serve as a model Bike Friendly Business and help with workshops and other business programming.

Portland, OR, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
As part of a citywide goal to boost bicycling mode share to 25%, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) is working to build strong business support for two new routes: a north/south connection through downtown and bridgehead improvements that will link the new routes to the existing network. The BTA team will connect with business owners to understand and address their concerns and priorities and to share how better bicycle facilities can benefit their bottom line. Longtime partner REI will help with communications, events and meeting space.

San Francisco, CA, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) is partnering with contacts at City Hall, in city agencies and among business leaders to build the case for how bicycling benefits the many businesses in San Francisco. Engaging at both the grassroots level with businesses located on proposed green lane corridors and the grass-tops level with influential business leaders, this effort will reach a key constituency that will ultimately affect decision makers as well as the general public. SFBC will work with REI to spread the word about green lanes and involve them in outreach events and initiatives.

Washington, DC, Washington Area Bicyclist Association
Focusing on the city transportation department’s new ?We Move DC? campaign to create a multi-modal transportation plan, WABA is expanding outreach to businesses to boost their support for the bicycle network component. The organization has identified real estate professionals, retailers and commercial drivers, as well as underserved communities, as the constituencies that can most benefit from better bicycling and a concentrated engagement effort. WABA will include REI in retailer-focused events and tours.

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