Hey bike retailers: Here’s a 5-point plan for growing the bike market

October 30, 2017

by Michael Andersen, PlacesForBikes staff writer

Angie and Dale Bailey at Park Springs Park in Bentonville, Arkansas. Photo: Leslie Kehmeier.

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Every business wants more customers, but most business owners are so busy that they don’t have much time to strategize about creating them.

The PlacesForBikes team is here to help. We just released a practical new five-point guide for retailers about how to create more bicyclists in your community.

Here’s the list:

  1. Speak up.
  2. Encourage your customers to get involved.
  3. Get new people on bikes.
  4. Help your customers ride more.
  5. Join the PeopleForBikes movement.

This short report expands on each of these simple concepts: for example, item 2 includes specific suggestions for how to “be the eyes and ears” for your customers on biking issues, and item 4 includes ideas for incentives you can offer new customers with their bike purchase.

The retailer guide also includes short anecdotes from successful retailer-led campaigns in Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Virginia.

It all adds up to empowering local biking communities, which leads in turn to better bike infrastructure, more bike socialization, more bike sales and better cities in general. The guide is free to download and easy to print. Check it out.

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