Klean Kanteen is rocking the National Bike Challenge

June 10, 2015

Meghan McCloskey, National Bike Challenge coordinator

This year, over 1,400 companies are taking part in the National Bike Challenge. Klean Kanteen is just one of these companies and they’re using the Challenge as a way to promote bicycling in their workplace and community. Klean Kanteen is located in Chico, California. Although small, the town is essentially an outdoor playground with plenty of opportunities to ride trails or road. As the makers of earth-friendly stainless steel bottles, keeping the community clean and healthy is a top priority for Klean Kanteen. ?Chico is a small college town with a vibrant cycling community. What’s more, cycling is healthy, less expensive than driving, carbon neutral and a great way to interact with such a beautiful place,? says Erika Bruhn, director of marketing and brand for Klean Kanteen.

Klean Kanteen has gone above and beyond to make riding more accessible for their employees. They recently moved their offices to a location with bike racks and showers, one that is also in close proximity to bike trails and local rides. And of course, they are encouraging their employees to take part in the National Bike Challenge. ?Our employees are family, and keeping them healthy, happy and well is incredibly important to us. The National Bike Challenge is a fun way of engaging everyone in a great cause that’s tied to health, sustainability and benefits our local community,? says Michelle Kalberer, co-owner of Klean Kanteen.

Klean Kanteen uses the National Bike Challenge as a way to bring their values to life within their company and community. ?We love that it inspires healthy choices and encourages individuals to take small steps that add up to a big difference,? says Erika. They see these small steps as a chance to positively impact their community. ?Whether someone is driven by healthy competition or participating for the greater good as a team, a vibrant cycling community makes Chico a great place to live, creates conversation, interaction and even friendship. What’s not to like about that?? she says.

A few members of the Klean Kanteen National Bike Challenge Team (Image: Klean Kanteen)

Although they are doing the Challenge just for fun this year, their growing wellness program could set them up for an even bigger presence next year. For now, the National Bike Challenge is a fun way for Klean Kanteen to further demonstrate their dedication to biking.

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