March Madness City Ratings Predictions: Men’s Final Four

April 2, 2019

Charlottesville, Virginia. 


NCAA Men’s Basketball: Final Four

As we prepare to release our 2019 City Ratings, we’re taking a look at the towns and cities represented in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Instead of looking at basketball teams, we’re looking at the cities those teams are located in. We’re matching cities up according to last year’s City Ratings. Stay tuned after the games are complete, for the release of our new round of ratings.


Final Four Predictions

Charlottesville, Virginia (Virginia) 2.6
Auburn, Alabama (Auburn) 1.6

Not far from Tuskegee National Forest, with over 10,000 acres of hiking, biking, and camping, Auburn, Alabama is a great place to be outdoors. The city of Auburn has a Bicycle Loaner Program, which allows locals and visitors to borrow a bicycle and helmet for up to two weeks, completely for free. In association with the university, they also have a bikeshare through GotchaBike.

Established in 1762, Charlottesville, Virginia is a gateway to Shenandoah National Park, along a section of the Blue Ridge Mountains — a great place for all kinds of biking. In the city, we’re especially excited to see an effort to get more women on bikes, and more people on bikes in general. Charlottesville has an impressive 2.6 Reach score, and a 2.4 Acceleration score. We hope to see this team continue to grow and strengthen their overall Network score. Our PlacesForBikes City Ratings prediction: Virginia advances over Auburn.



Lubbock, Texas (Texas Tech)
East Lansing, Michigan (Michigan State) 1.7

In some ways, northwest Texas is ideal for biking year-round. Mild to warm temperatures, low amounts of precipitation, and lots of sun. Lubbock recently released a bicycle and pedestrian master plan, which includes bike lanes, bike boulevards, and traffic-slowing strategies. But we don’t yet have the data required to fully score the city. With a master plan in place, and efforts underway, we’re hoping to really get Lubbock on the map next year — we’d especially love to get a City Snapshot from them, and cheer them into their next round of March Madness.

Lansing, Michigan continues to grow their awareness of bike infrastructure and safe streets. The League of American Bicyclists named Lansing as one of only eight bicycle friendly communities in Michigan. In their City Rating, we like what they’re doing with their Network and Reach, but we’d love to see more projects that address safety, to really up their Acceleration score. Good luck, Michigan State! Our PlacesForBikes City Ratings prediction: Lansing will advance.


Our Championship game prediction:

Michigan State University — Lansing, Michigan (1.7)

University of Virginia — Charlottesville, Virginia (2.6)


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