Tips for biking to work if you work from home

April 1, 2019


PeopleForBikes’ cutting-edge tips for biking to work if you work from home.


  1. Plan ahead: There’s nothing worse than feeling pressed for time on a ride. Set your alarm so that you allow plenty of time to get out your bedroom door and onto your bike without rushing.
  2. Don’t forget your keys!
  3. Hydrate: Maneuvering from your bed down long hallways, potentially through a kitchen or dining room, takes electrolytes. Consider stashing a bottle on your nightstand to power your grueling journey.
  4. Lay your clothes out the night before. If you plan to spend the entire day in your pajamas, don’t forget to roll that right pant-leg up.
  5. Check the traffic. If you have kids, make sure they’re out of the way.
  6. Instagram your ride! Let everyone know how your #homebikecommute went! 



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