Grant Guidelines

The PeopleForBikes Community Grant Program supports bicycle infrastructure projects and targeted advocacy initiatives that make it easier and safer for people of all ages and abilities to ride. Please review the following information carefully before submitting a grant application. Proposals that are incomplete or do not fall within our funding priority areas will not be considered. Visit the Get Local map and click on any state for examples of funded projects in each location.

Who Can Apply

PeopleForBikes accepts grant applications from non-profit organizations with a focus on bicycling, active transportation, or community development, from city or county agencies or departments, tribal agencies and tribal governments, and from state or federal agencies working locally. PeopleForBikes only funds projects in the United States. Requests must support a specific project or program; we do not grant funds for general operating costs.

What We Fund

PeopleForBikes focuses most grant funds on bicycle infrastructure projects such as:

  • Bike paths, lanes, trails, and bridges
  • Mountain bike facilities
  • Bike parks and pump tracks
  • BMX facilities
  • End-of-trip facilities such as bike racks, bike parking, bike repair stations and bike storage

We also fund some advocacy projects, such as:

  • Programs that transform city streets, such as Ciclovías or Open Streets Days
  • Campaigns to increase the investment in bicycle infrastructure

PeopleForBikes will fund engineering and design work, construction costs including materials, labor, and equipment rental, and reasonable volunteer support costs. For advocacy projects, we will fund staffing that is directly related to accomplishing the goals of the initiative.

PeopleForBikes accepts requests for funding of up to $10,000. We do not require a specific percentage match, but we do look at leverage and funding partnerships very carefully. We will not consider grant requests in which our funding would amount to 50% or more of the project budget.

PeopleForBikes DOES NOT FUND:

  • Feasibility studies, master plans, policy documents, or litigation
  • Signs, maps, and travel
  • Trailheads, information kiosks, benches, and restroom facilities
  • Parking lots for motorized vehicles
  • Bicycles, helmets, tools, and other accessories or equipment
  • Events, races, clinics/classes, or bicycle rodeos
  • Bike recycling, repair, or earn-a-bike programs
  • Education programs
  • General operating costs
  • Staff salaries, except where used to support a specific advocacy initiative
  • Rides and event sponsorships
  • Planning and retreats
  • Projects in which PeopleForBikes is the sole or primary funder
  • Projects outside the U.S.

Schedules and Deadlines

PeopleForBikes generally holds 1-2 open grant cycles every year. In an effort to green our grants process, we have moved to an online grant application system. Please see the Apply Now page for more information on the application process.

Evaluation Process

All Letter of Interest and Full Application submissions will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt. If you have not received a confirmation email within two business days of submitting your application, please contact the Director of Grants and Partnerships.

The PeopleForBike (PFB) Community Grant Program application has two parts:

  1. Letter of Interest: Interested applicants should submit an online letter of interest (LOI) through the PFB website. LOIs will include basic information about the applying organization and contact person, as well as an overview of the project proposed for funding.
  2. Full Application: PFB will request a full project application from a short list of qualified applicants. Invited organizations will receive access to the online application.

Please note that the PeopleForBikes application and review process is fairly competitive and we are only able to fund 10-15% of the proposals we receive.

The Grant Committee will evaluate each application based on the following criteria:

  • Project quality – project scope, applicant’s ability to complete project successfully, resources available, alignment between community need and project response, thoughtfulness in location and purpose
  • Benefits to the community – population(s) reached, reason and methods for picking this project at this time, potential to increase ridership
  • Measurement and evaluation – measurement methodology, applicant’s abililty to conduct measurement
  • Community support and partnerships – reasons for project prioritization, capacity to make the project a success, community, business, and leadership engagement
  • Role of PeopleForBikes funding – ability of our funds to make a difference, match or leverage of PFB funds
  • Diversity – geographic, project type, size of community

Reporting Requirements

PeopleForBikes requests that all grant recipients keep us updated on the progress of their projects. Articles, photos, or other information is always welcome; additionally, we would like a brief letter or email every six months that includes:

  • An update on the current status of your project
  • An overview of upcoming project components or efforts
  • A list of partners or supporters participating in your project

A final report upon completion of your project is required. The final report should be three pages or less and include the following:

  • Outcome: what did your project build, improve, develop or accomplish?
  • Who participated: identify volunteers, supporters, businesses, other groups who helped make your project a reality, including any political support received
  • Benefits to the community, including economic impact if information is available
  • Impact on ridership
  • Keys to success and lessons learned: help us help others with what worked and what did not
  • Summary of media coverage
  • How PeopleForBikes support was recognized

Please attach:

  • Project income and expense report reflecting all funding sources for the whole project
  • Copies of or links to press clippings
  • Two or three photos – we love pictures of people on bikes!

Submit reports via email to:

Reapplying for support

If your proposal is denied, it is not likely to be funded in a future cycle. Please do not resubmit a rejected proposal unless asked to do so.

PeopleForBikes does not consider additional funding requests from grantees for at least three years from the time of the original grant. This policy is designed to promote geographic and project diversity among our grant recipients.


Please contact Zoe Kircos, Director of Grants and Partnerships, at 720/726-3335 or