Legislation + Lobbying

What happens in D.C. doesn’t stay in D.C.

From bike lanes and trails to children’s safe routes to school, decisions made in our nation’s capital affect how we ride every day.

Our political team ensures bicyclists a seat at the congressional table by meeting regularly with members of congress and helping officials understand issues important to bicycling. Additionally, we retain two professional lobbying firms to assist us in lobbying on behalf of America’s 50 million riders and pro-bike businesses.

Every few years, the largest source of bicycling funding hangs on a vote during the reauthorization of the major federal transportation bill. Before the ink has even dried, we’re already preparing for the next vote by making sure local and national leaders see bike funding as a solid, cost-effective investment with important benefits for individuals, businesses and society.

An increasing number of decisions governing investments in bicycling are made at the state and local levels. To address the opportunities and challenges of communities across America, we’re boosting our connections with local legislators and orchestrating grassroots action that demonstrates the significant business and public support for bicycling.

So get out and enjoy your ride. By supporting us, you’re protecting access to safe riding opportunities in your town and nationwide.

And you don’t even have to put on a tie.