Political Work

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A Powerful Voice for Bicycling

Many decisions that affect bicycling in your community are made on Capitol Hill in Washington. Our government relations team stays on top of federal bicycling issues by bringing awareness to bike-friendly initiatives and lobbying to maximize bicycle funding.

We meet regularly with members of Congress and the administration to tout the significant societal and economic benefits of bicycling while promoting pro-bike legislation. In addition, we retain two lobbying firms to help craft messages and build stronger relationships with key U.S. Senators and Representatives.

At the local and state level, we’re boosting our connections with local legislators and orchestrating grassroots action that demonstrates the significant business and public support for bicycling. We also aid local advocacy groups by amplifying their action alerts to our many members.

By combining on-the-ground successes with effective lobbying on behalf of America’s 50 million bicyclists, our clout continues to grow. And with it, so do opportunities for more and better bike rides.

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PeopleForBikes’ political work is funded in part by REI.