Through the snow on Kemper Street
we traipsed with bag in hand.
Dinner for Daddy this Christmas night
clinched in mittened hand.
To his store not far away
merrily we ran.
With frost-nipped noses and rosy creeks,
cheerily we sang.
Oh, what fun it is to play a part
with Santa on Christmas Eve!
The stores along the busy street
were dark and closed up tight,
but inside ours, Daddy patiently
packaged still another bike
with shiny paint and sparkling chrome –
what a beauty to behold!
We ooed and awed excitedly,
anxious to be off
to deliver each and everyone
to some child’s sheer delight.
While Daddy ate his sandwich,
hastily Rich and I
sipped our steaming cocoa
Mama sent along.
Then whispering ‘twixt ourselves,
spoke about those Christmas bikes:
How happy we would be to find
beneath our Christmas tree
such a beautiful sight.

’98 MM

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