I cannot rave enough about the time I spend using Capital Bikeshare as part of my work commute. It provides a little treasured time to myself in an otherwise packed schedule. It has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle, and has made it fun in the process.

Although daycare was only 1.5 miles from my office, there was no ideal connection. Making the trip by subway required two transfers, four stations and about 22 minutes. Walking took me about half an hour. I even tried jogging, but then I needed time to change clothes once I arrived, which eliminated any time savings.

I was frustrated that the short distance was such a thorn in my side. When I was nearly at my wits end, a solution presented itself in the form of a Capital Bikeshare. I discovered I could drop off my kids, hop on a bike and transform my frenzied 30 minute connection into 10 minutes of freedom!

Capital Bikeshare made my life more seamless. The personal freedom is one of the greatest benefits.

When I’m asked about advice for others who are looking for a little extra encouragement to integrate bicycles into their daily lives, my first pointer is to not be afraid or feel insecure. With each trip comes more confidence. And for women, just because you bike, it does not mean you cannot wear dresses or skirts.

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