Life is a bicycle if you stop pedaling you’ll fall off. The bike is a wonderful and enlightening metaphor for living a successful, fulfilling, and balanced life. I learned all I needed to know about living my unique and authentic life by simply riding my bicycle. The seat is where my vision, faith, and gratitude for my life is housed. The handle bars represent the focus needed to move me in the direction of my purpose, which is the front wheel of my bicycle. The pedals of the bicycle must be exercised and indicate the desire necessary to get me to my life’s unique and authentic destination. The chain represents the commitment necessary for ultimate success and every revolution strengthens my resolve while providing a feedback loop for improvement. Finally, the back wheel exemplifies the action and execution necessary to make my ideas actually come into reality. And the road on which I find myself, pinging back images of success, or lack of success, provides the feedback showing me how I am doing as I cycle my metaphorical bicycle. It’s all there, in plain view for all to see and finally understand. If one is willing to just see life as a bicycle and then exercise it to your heart’s content.

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