I have been biking my whole life. When I was three I learned how to ride. When I was seven my family went to live in Amsterdam for seven months, and I biked to school every day on the city streets. Now I am twelve. Since last year, I have biked to middle school every single day (unless it was snowing, or I had a giant project to bring in). If I didn’t bike, I would have no other way to get to school. My parents have things to do, places to go, people to see. So I don’t have a choice. I could walk for 45 minutes or bike for 10, so I bike.

Although the decision that I would bike to school was not entirely mine, I do it willingly. It is fun to bike. The only issues are at stop signs when the cars don’t think you know the laws of the road because you are a kid on a bike, so they go when it is not their turn. It is slightly unsafe but pretty easy to get used to after a while. Also, if there are no cars you can just go straight through. Another difficulty is when you have the right of way and cars come zooming up little side roads and don’t stop until they realize there is a stop sign, and then barely notice that you are in front of them. They seem to think that since they are killing the planet, they might as well kill us too.

Biking is good for my health and the health of the planet. So those are important reasons why I love it. But another is that biking makes me independent. I can go anywhere I want after school without having to find someone to drive me. What more could a middle schooler want?!

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