It all started when I asked my husband the question, wWhat do you want to do before we get too old or die?” He answered that he had always wanted to ride a bicycle across the United States. After discussing it for about ten minutes we decided we should buy new bikes and do it; we were in our mid-fifties and thought it was now or never. We researched and purchased Cannondale hybrid bicycles, leaving our home in Everglades City, Florida, on June 7, 2000. My idea was that we would be stopping in all the small towns along the way, visiting museums and taking in the local culture. However, my husband is one that likes to just keep going so it wasn’t until July 4 in Dodge City, Kansas, that we stopped for a day to relax and enjoy the parade. We continued on and met wonderful people as we biked through Colorado, thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the cycling experience. We completed our 4,274 miles in 72 Days to reach Astoria, Oregon. It was just the beginning of our cycling adventures together. The following year we traveled to Europe and cycled through five countries with a Dutch couple we met the previous year in Colorado. The year after that back across the U.S. from Seattle to Jacksonville, FL. Now every summer it’s another state or another country. We continue to find new places, more friends and exciting adventures. At 70 we feel more knowledgeable about the world, healthier and closer to nature (mind, body and spirit). Bicycling has also made me an advocate for safety, encouraging me to support more multi-use pathways separated from traffic. It is the reason I continue to work with the Friends of the River of Grass Greenway, a proposed pathway across the Everglades from Naples to Miami.

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