I am 65 years old. I got rid of my car about 6-8 years ago but my wife has a car so I am not totally pure! I go everywhere by bike, rain or shine, over icy roads, etc. A few inches of snow, well, that will get me on the bus. I don’t have a fat bike butI have two bikes instead. Usually, I ride “Charlie” my hybrid with the yellow fenders covered with reflective stickers. I use Charlie for my long trips in addition to commuting. Commuting is everywhere not just work. If there is ice on the roads then it’s Daisy, an 8 speed Breezer with studded tires. I get a kick out of the way people react to my riding sometimes. Like I will get up to work with the wind howling, ice all over the roads, with my bike and in my winter gear, & someone will say “Dude, you didn’t ride your bike today?!?!?!” Me: “What does it look like?”

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