Funny, in 2004 I did that MS 150 from San Antonio Texas to corpus Christi Texas, and since then I have wanted to help kids get out and ride. I realised that there were underprivileged kids in the neighborhood so I opened up my garage and started purchasing used bikes from the thrift stores and yard sales and I bought some tools to fix up the bikes and started giving them away, but could not keep up with the demand.

I started telling friends and family to donate old bikes and I posted on Facebook asking for old bikes and parts but had very little success. I sometimes fix bicycles for police including Sheriff Deputy and other adults to make up some money to keep up the work and have children earn their bikes by assisting me in the garage. I am very blessed with all the kids that need bikes and friends that give up old used bike parts and I also donate $200.00 a month from my own income, I ride when I can.

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